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Package Disabler Pro (Samsung) 15.0 Apk by police developer is a Business Android app

Free Download last version Package Disabler Pro (Samsung) Apk For Android with direct link

*The basic package Disabler Pro Samsung download available tracks (the device.) - No root required *

The work unit is not included. It works on Android Nougat)

Central, the application back to the days will not meet your expectations, you can send us to get a refund within 24 hours of your Google invoices within 5 days.

To help develop this amazing app of all to thank our fans. Buy the Original software helps the entire ecosystem. Developers are encouraged to bring new innovative products. 2 years Download the 300000 package disabler and survival itself guarantee.

Package disabler Pro allows you to identify all unwanted packets that allow pre-installed with your phone/deactivation applications. We are a one-click option to disable all bloatware. Disabled application/package is used to update Google Play or any other means. So this app, apps (such as child protection) can be used to prevent cases of commercial use, you can also disable the Google Play store, etc ... without the side of the phone. To avoid the application also provides password protection to abuse with / uninstall.

Package disabler restores all disabled on packets allowing you to secure any external memory, the import/export function.


  • Every mobile user wants to use to improve the performance of your mobile device using the disabler package
  • companies that want to be able to gain control package disabler employee Equipment Applications
  • Control disabler parent package with applications used by children
  • is used for the package used disabler business projection screen demonstrations, shows clearly
  • But remember Always backup your phone. When disabled important functions, the system can break the application.

Key Features:

* Enable/disable all packets apps

* The package helps to identify the disabler 100 + bloatware Samsung handsets

* To improve device performance and save battery quickly click remove bloatware,

* External storage they import and export after her disabled list

* To allow all disabled packages in batch mode

* Filters Show all Meeting Packages

* Password Protected

* Filter display all installed programs

* All system packages to show filters,

* Quickly see apps using the search functionality

* Gear VR (disabled package with Google Apps on cardboard


  • If you have problems uninstalling programs, settings effort -> Security -> Device administrators, deselect "package disabler Administration".
  • Keep in mind that in order to update your version of Android, you may need to keep all the original programs instead. So you can restore later, it is always advisable to have backup session packages.


  • We have reason to disable is not responsible for the loss of packets can not be responsible bloatware
  • The packages can cause significant disturbance extracted from your phone.
  • Always back up your device.
  • If you use any questions about [email protected] advised contacting the package disabler.

We have to be perfect for me any other suggestions, questions or problems do not hesitate to contact us, and I will reply as soon as possible. Do not use reviews for complaints, we will not answer to your problem situation.

If you have any adjustment disabler/counseling or packet/response interaction [email protected]


- need to activate the application in Device Manager [android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN]

What is new:

  • It has support for Android
تصنيف محتوى Package Disabler Pro (Samsung) 15.2 Apk Paid هو ات. تم تصنيف هذا التطبيق من مستخدمًا يستخدمون هذا التطبيق . لمعرفة المزيد عن الشركة / المطور ، تفضل بزيارة موقع على الويب الذي قام بتطويره . يمكن تحميل Package Disabler Pro (Samsung) 15.2 Apk Paid وتثبيته على أجهزة 4.3 and up و Android الأعلى . قم بتنزيل التطبيق باستخدام متصفحك المفضل وانقر فوق تثبيت لتثبيت التطبيق . يرجى ملاحظة أننا نقدم كل من ملفات APK الأساسية والنقية وسرعات تنزيل أسرع من مرآة APK Package Disabler Pro (Samsung) 15.2 Apk Paid. وقد تم تحميل هذا التطبيق APK مرات في متجر. يمكنك أيضا تحميل Package Disabler Pro (Samsung) 15.2 Apk Paid APK وتشغيله مع محاكيات Android الشعبية.

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