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The stickman game is crazy.

You have to hold down "Dismount" to play.

  • There are 19 new levels.
  • There are three characters: simple, sport doll, robot.
  • Nine vehicles are included.
  • There are 9 props.
  • Three kits are included.

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Get as many scores as you can by dismounting your stickman with vehicles, props, and kits.

Have trouble playing the game? Please let us know.

Stickman Falling - Get wrecked

What's your favorite stickman game? In the current market, stickman games are available in many genres. A lot of effort has gone into creating these games in order for them to provide the most fun.

Despite the fact that these games are just stickmen, you can still enjoy them since they have unique gameplays. Stickman Falling is the game for you if you like violence in video games! This is a game in which you can fall and score!

It's not survival that matters here, it's how spectacularly you can die. Despite the fact that it's not the usual game, it's really fun. Here are 14 new levels you can try: Danger Zone, Shark Jaws, Arrows Field, Rat Ways, Hourglass, Two Stairs, Saws Hole, Bouncing Up, Slide Up, and more!

A unique obstacle, trap, and weapon await you on every level to annihilate you. You can earn rewards as you progress!

Stickman Games is the most brutal game available! Play with sports dolls, robots, and even the regular Stickman!

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Stickman Falling Features:

Play with sports dolls, robots, and even the regular Stickman! Have fun experimenting with these features:

A Fun Unique Game

The number of games available today can offer you hours of fun. In many cases, we see games that are exact replicas of one another, which is the current trend. Successful games are copied in order to survive.

The difference between Stickman Falling and others is that it's a game where you can die as you please! It is not about surviving here, but about falling as brutally as possible.

The reason this game is so good is that it isn't for kids! Today, you can witness gruesome scenes in this game by doing all sorts of tricks when you fall.

Different characters can also be used, such as robots, sports dolls, and regular dolls. The pinwheel, missile, C4, and other kits are also available. In addition, you can use different props throughout the levels!

Different Levels

Stickman Falling is a brutal game you'll love. This is a game that won't keep you in your place. It will show you the most challenging way to die. The goal of the game is to score as much as possible by inflicting as much damage as possible on your character.

There are many levels for you to enjoy here. There are many ways to die on each of them, as well as different designs, traps, and designs. There are now more levels available including Shark Jaws, Saws Hole, Two Stairs, Slide Up, Arrows Field, Bouncing Up, Arrows Valley, and more.

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3 Characters and 9 Vehicles 

Also, you can enjoy different characters, such as the sport doll, regular guy, and the robot. Other vehicles include jetpacks, motorcycles, bicycles, and many more.

On each vehicle and with the characters, there is a different kind of fun to be had!

Sets and props included!

A C4, pinwheel, and missile are just some of the kits you can add to the fun in Stickman Falling. In addition to adding props to the levels, you can also use steam, TNT, arrow turrets, blade turrets, and many more. Add them to the levels.

Innovative graphics and unique concept.

Enjoy these pictures and the unique concept of this app! Visual graphics and brutal graphics are now available.

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