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v1.60.13 for Android
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Oct 26, 2021

Dragons: Rise of Berk (MOD, Unlimited Runes): Rise of Burke (MOD, Unlimited Run) - This game is based on the popular cartoon. In the game, you control the Viking village and take care of more than 25 unique creatures that you have not seen before to make your pet. To attract all fans of the board, more than 40 islands are not required to open games and business rules to get jobs and get valuable experience. This game has beautiful graphics and primitive control.

DRAGONS RISE OF BERK  v1.30.13 Mod apk for Android.

Make Your Own Berk! Save, slip and train your favorite Dream Works Dragons! Explore unfamiliar lands in the vast Viking world!

Join Berk's peace-threatening gang to protect Hiccup, Toothless, and his village from mysterious strangers. Who are they And what do they want from your innocent homeland? Successfully train your Dream Works Dragons and they will unveil new powers that will help secure the future of your island.

Remember… it takes a village… and a dragon!


  • Remove all your favorite Dream Works dragons from the movie, including The Toothless, Stormfle, Hookfang and Shuler.
  • Collect and develop 200 different dragons species like Deadly Deadly Stunts, demonic nightly deadly nightmares, and typhoons
  •  All Dream Works Complete missions with dragons characters
  • Stunning visual and sound effects with Anima 3D animation

This is your berk. It's time to rise!

* Please Note: Rise of Berk is completely free to play, but offers some items to buy with real money. If you do not use this feature, you can disable app purchases in the settings of your device.

A game called Dragons: Rise of Berk requires you to protect the territory from invaders with powerful dragons. Dragons are inspired by the popular cartoon series How to Train Your Dragon. Following the content of the movie, you will be familiar with the gameplay. In the story, the details are transformed into characters, and you are the one who plays them. The main objective of your game is to protect and nurture dragons so that the land of Berk is protected. You can collect powerful dragons to battle formidable enemies in Dragons: Rise of Berk. There is serious threat to peace in the region. Protect the peace as soon as possible by collecting powerful dragons.

In the past, the Vikings believed killing dragons was a way of proving one has grown up. Humans and dragons haven't been able to live together since then because of the conflict. Vikings and dragons did not have opposing views until Hiccup stood out to resolve that contradiction. Dragon hunters were still active in other places, however. Dragons: Rise of Berk requires you to defeat that enemy. Increasing human friendliness is the reason. Human hostility no longer disturbs the dragons.

Dragons: Rise of Berk mod - Fight with dragon warriors

Dragons will be accompanied by players when they are just eggs. After an incubation period, the dragon will hatch, and you will have to take care of it until it is strong enough to fight. Villagers cannot be influenced by strangers in an adverse manner. For Dragons: Rise of Berk to remain peaceful, you must have a solution. Hiccup, Toothless is the one who cultivates and collects dragons and helps them become stronger by enhancing their abilities. Different dragon species have their own advantages and disadvantages. Take care to build the best dragon formation possible.

Let's defend Berk

The land is kept safe by dragons. The first step towards building a dragon formation is to collect eggs and care for hatched dragons after they hatch. As the player's level increases, more powerful dragons are required. There is no way to underestimate the enemy in Dragons: Rise of Berk. Sometimes it is the pressure players have to deal with, as they develop at a faster rate.

The dragons

It is probably enough to collect over 400 DreamWorks Dragons and 75 species of dragons. It is not possible to choose all, players must collect new dragons in different lands. The exploration trip will be interrupted by some battles that force you to stop to take care of enemies that block the way. Adding classic names such as Meatless, Stormfly, Hook Ward and Skullcrusher further enhances Dragons: Rise of Berk's appeal. Play with your favourite dragons again and train them to become superheroes.

Islets in 60

Viking territory is truly a vast area. There will be many different islands where dragons can be found, and players will always have the chance to collect new dragons. Having more dragons to choose from allows you to use any dragon you encounter in any situation. In Dragons: Rise of Berk, there are many knights as your opponents, which will be very challenging.


As with humans, dragons can be grown as well, and their level shows instead of their age. Provide them with the foods they enjoy to help them grow quickly. The university also needs to build Meade Hall and the Academy. When you don't upgrade items, levels will be limited and space will be limited. You will not be able to dominate the arena if you don't upgrade items. The conflict between dragons and humans cannot be influenced by strangers.

The Viking land is the setting for Dragons: Rise of Berk, which contains a human story. There are still bad guys trying to ruin the relationship between humans and dragons, even though humans were able to live with dragons. Discover new places and build your dragon team to its full potential with the Dragons: Rise of Berk mod.

What is new?

-The surge did that and Dreadful is here at BurkeUpidate's new Dragons Rise of berk! See Berk in a whole new light ... no lights.

- New dragons with two new hordes for autumn and fright!

- Johann returns to his Speed ​​Sales with a new set offer!

- New Events: Dreadful Fest and Glove to Save Chickens

- Optimize charging time and optimize performance!

-Visit Berk regularly to receive special all-night specials that show you the way!