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3,7 (13162)
Spellen, Simulations
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GIANTS Software
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okt 10, 2020

Farming Simulator 16 (Mod, Unlimited Money) - A game where everyone can feel like a real farmer. You will be immersed in a world where you will have to choose a means for sowing and harvesting and decide where and where you want to plant. Consider the production and sale of your plants. You can create a perfect income system. As the management of the game is a little thought, you can easily manage the transport. In the game, beautiful graphics that are not different from the process.

Farming Simulator 16, you can get the farm experience without leaving home. Learn to create a farm as will be ensured and how to make out of life. Games are great planting, harvesting or sale of animals such as cows or sheep farming in a wide variety of crops including Fixer and they form a new country.

You can earn a choice of 20 different brands of wood between the machines and sell at a profit, so the tractor. So if you have a vehicle that you are looking to buy, what to name just a Horsch, a Lamborghini, and New Holland, this is the game for you!

Farming Simulator 16 game is, even more, built with full-screen management card to create realistic and attractive 3D graphics, it can ask you, improve your performance and allow you to manage your country.

Five different cultures, have them go pick up wheat, canola, corn, sugar beet and potatoes. So if you choose what you like, you will not be able to sell them in the market. Because you can play with your friends with their animals and feed and play with your friends feed via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with Wool Sale Multiplayer mode, always good!


  • New 3D graphics show more details about your machine!
  • Plant and harvest the crops of wheat, canola, corn, sugar beet and potatoes
  • Dynamic market and sell their harvest
  • Tractors and trucks, with some of the most realistic agricultural machine manufacturer
  • Milk production and feed his cows and sheep wool for sale
  • Forestry has gone mobile! Sell ​​harvested wood and wood with a special machine
  • Artificial assistant managing for better results
  • WiFi play local multiplayer mode with a friend

Cattle farming and other uses

  • Grass uses, which you can use as a cut, or you can sell hay to feed his sheep. Another thing you can do is to convert the grass dries up the grass to be collected.
  • First, you will be blessed with a field of grass available in your green grass page that you can use as a right to proceed.. Not to start the process on the grass, the first cutting machine that you can buy at the store. Once you cut machine to connect to a tractor and cutting machine then activates the "grassy field." Hayride on the bottom with your lawnmower to cut the grass. You can hire an assistant to complete or you can talk to the whole area of ​​harvest.
  • After the hay mow, you can take the freshly cut grass, or you can sell grass near a store. Simply because profitable sales may or may not be if sold to grass-fed grasses or stored green fodder.

Cattle Sales

In order to sell the grass, you have to cut the grass with a loader wagon. Upload tractor driving position mounted in a corner of the grassy area. Cars with the latter laden meadow and enable the drive. Once you've to Ride favorite store hay to sell, take all the cut grass.

Hay storage or used for sheep feed

Wright hay is in charge of it after collecting the cart you can go to unload their sheep and drop off de-communication Laden grass truck food.

If you decide to save it after it turns into a stored green fodder, then go to the green meadows and there you will unload the collected grass. 

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Android 5.0
10 000 000+
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3+ years
Farming Simulator 16 (MOD, unlimited money) Apk inhoudsclassificatie is 3+ years. Deze app heeft een classificatie van 3,7 door 13162 gebruikers die deze app gebruiken. Deze app wordt vermeld in de Play Store en in de categorie Simulations van spellen. Als u meer wilt weten over het bedrijf / de ontwikkelaar, gaat u naar de website van GIANTS Software die het heeft ontwikkeld. Farming Simulator 16 (MOD, unlimited money) Apk kan worden gedownload en geïnstalleerd op Android 5.0 en hogere Android-apparaten. Download de app met uw favoriete browser en klik op Installeren om de applicatie te installeren. Houd er rekening mee dat we zowel eenvoudige als zuivere APK-bestanden en snellere downloadsnelheden bieden dan Farming Simulator 16 (MOD, unlimited money) Apk apk Mirror. Deze app-APK is in de winkel 10 000 000+ keer gedownload. Je kunt ook Farming Simulator 16 (MOD, unlimited money) Apk downloaden APK en het uitvoeren met de populaire Android-emulators.

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